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PowerDREAM - Dreams cataloging software

Software to organize and search dreams, for personal and medical use
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28 August 2010

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Whenever we leisurely discuss our individual dreams with our friends and pals, we fail to recognize the rationale behind specific dreams and often wonder in amazement how and why we get to see such vivid visions and novel visuals in our sleep. Various thinkers and researchers have outlined and studied the concept of dreams and have extracted differing meanings out of diverse dreams and certain theories have been developed in this context which presents certain specific hypothesis which can help the users in unfolding and uncovering supposed meanings behind the dreams. Psychiatrists and related professionals are openly accepting the concept of dream analysis which is supported by many nowadays and a tool like PowerDREAM - Dreams cataloging software 2.0.0 can further assist in analyzing and recording dreams as per their owners and dates.

PowerDREAM - Dreams cataloging software 2.0.0 upon launch opens with a neatly assorted and organized interface with the chief options placed at the top panel and the left panel showing the account categories of individuals. The bottom side of the screen also shows several listings of users details date wise for which files can be maintained. The user can automatically catalog and list out dreams and browse them as per the owner and the date and content along with many more related categories. The program works to manage multiple set of dream data and can also manage up several books of data fields such as dream owner and even date along with event date and even offers data protection and description of events. It also guarantees appropriate privacy and security to the user and offers assistance in exporting data in diverse formats.

To conclude, PowerDREAM - Dreams cataloging software 2.0.0 certainly works as a suitable and useful tool for medical practitioners and analysts and hence gets a rating of four points for its novel premise.

Publisher's description

Features and benefits:
Automatically catalogue dreams. Browse and search dreams by owner, date, content, and so on.
PowerDREAM software manages a lots of books' data fields, for example, dream's owner, event date, descriptions.
Software is password protected to guarantee your privacy and data protection. Data can be exported in many file formats, such as .Xls, .Pdf, .Doc, .Txt.
Additional features:
- Automatic backup;
- Event explorer;
- Unlimited dreams database entries;
- Free software updates;
- Advanced search feature;
- Client record managment.
PowerDREAM - Dreams cataloging software
PowerDREAM - Dreams cataloging software
Version 2.0
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